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recently in the online crazy pass, mogujie.com Alexa said beautiful curve, so that some industry outsiders have such a judgment: beauty said, mogujie.com traffic continued to decline, and shopping guide mode has just passed the spring through the winter.

I don’t agree with that, we can start from scratch.

shopping guide can do what category

all electricity providers have to take into account two issues, one is what you do electricity supplier links, what is your cut category.

talked about the electricity supplier ecological chain links, this is very simple, shopping guide is actually the most front end of the ecological chain cut ali.


About the

category, we can consider that the user quality from the dimension of demand, the electricity supplier category can first consider 3C, users of high quality, demand is great, this is the reason of the Jingdong can jump so high, because he made the most valuable users and maximum demand category. What would you do if you cut the top of the category?

anyone buy 3C is such a model: 80% price, service 20%. Other things are not important, because it is too standardized, so Jingdong have to fight a price war, there is no 3C price war. If you sell the same thing, you can persuade consumers to pay more than 100 yuan to buy your product?. Therefore, if you do 3C shopping guide, there is only one model, that is parity.


parity is not sticky, do parity also need to have two conditions, one is a large flow, and you have a ready-made user behavior, therefore, a Amoy can do, Baidu, 360 can do. It is impossible for us entrepreneurs to step into this field.

and then down the selection of clothing and apparel, and its sales are very high, GMV still accounted for 20%-25%, even if the data and then remove the distribution, it should play a thirty percent off, but the clothing and accessories category still have to do. When the little girls buy clothing, a mental model is? Nice and cheap, so users! Although the quality is not high, too young, but the user demand is concentrated, so beautiful that mogujie.com must be cut to a category. If I am the first to do shopping guide, I must cut this field. Because the Internet is the best product to do, you can find where the user, where to get together, and the demand is very obvious, strong, you can do it quickly.


and then down the number of cosmetics shopping guide, although the quality of consumers is not high, but the demand for cosmetics very

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