first now talk about personal movie station, popular on the market of Marx is the main film program and search a movie program, as for the difference between the two, we are interested can look at their official website to know, but now most people are using the MAX program, for use for the novice, simple and easy to use, easy to collect, so 70% personal movie stations have this program, well, no nonsense, back to the topic:

now we take the film and television 168 sites, for example, how to promote the film and television network, this site is done using the MAX program:

1, there are a lot of people to chase drama, especially some people who work not only TV, computer, if you have ideas should be able to write in this aspect, it is the first time update (such as the late 22:00 aired on the TV series, you 23:00 update, the faster the better, this is not a single) could increase the number of IP, the most important point is that can be fixed to the user, because a station if there is a fixed group of users, so this is the beginning of success!

2, if you are using a MAX program to do the movie station, you should find that now the templates are mostly similar, one is that you don’t have the ability to do a new template, two is a set of programs with many people, very similar to the template, the impression is not very good, if conditions permit, they really want to seriously make the movie station, can be a little personality to be a template, so to attract users.

3, I believe we do stand in order to increase the interest, but suggested that the early site, do not put advertising, especially pop ads, it will not only affect the Baidu included, it is more important for the user experience is not good, but just a station you put ads are not what income, rather than the heart to think about if the actual increase of IP. Okay, well after the advertisers will automatically find you.

4, one of the benefits of the MAX acquisition is very convenient, it is convenient, but proper manually add some data, or change the data, so you can keep the original or can be said to be pseudo original, it is better than you thousand arranges all better. We should know that the search engine favorite is the original thing.

5, there is a small increase in traffic to that can go to some Adsense nets or buy a domain name transfer network PR> =2 domain name, under the same conditions, increase several times the flow is not what problem, one should pay attention to buy reliable space, you or other well, not space.

6, this point is very important, like the film 168 is selected a new set of powerful custom 2.6MAX development tools, it provides a variety of directory structure, perfect support pseudo static, directory name, the file name in the background can modify any custom, and supports custom page templates, web directory the structure of your unique, please do stop time, to modify the directory name and file > default configuration in the Marx program background

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