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version of the "digital" sellers should be invited to share the editor about Taobao store shipping strategy how to formulate a small text, for everyone to share, we hope to have some help, welcome to discuss


at Taobao arena, the shipping promotions should be most dispensers are very good at one of the most simple gameplay, mostly on making strategic shipping is each one according to his lights. Set the bar high, off price increase, but the conversion rate is poor; set a low bar, the conversion rate is good, can not come off the price and shipping strategy; it seems really is not "a pat on the head" such a simple thing. The author has done a test, different packet policy on the conversion rate of the store will have an impact on 0.5-1%.

A common strategy for

shipping: nothing more than single product shipping, free shipping, full of "a post, the post buy packages, plus the postage, shipping card sales, shipping and other forms of collocation, the combination of the author’s practical experience, according to different operation stage store shipping strategy. Share some practical skills.

(Practical Encyclopedia – Shipping gameplay Raiders: a single product strategy for shipping shop with early train blow money to develop new users of conventional operation play; free shipping strategy for large-scale promotional activities with shop, short-term boost sales and conversion of temporary full play; "a shipping is generally applicable to store development interim, enhance customer price play; buy *, shipping is generally a collocation strategy to promote a stage of product sales or inventory play, shipping card to enhance the rate of Gu old passenger complex play);

starting from the price of "a full set shipping policy

The implementation of

shipping strategy must store the core or want to see a good effect, so that shops in the formulation of policy can advance a postal packet before the month test the shipping strategy data feedback: such as conversion rate, customer price, per capita purchasing number, the overall turnover amount, a collection data, provide the basis for the implementation of assessment data shipping strategy. According to the practical experience in the past, the formal establishment of shipping policy, generally the average customer price reference nopostage strategy, based on the price increase of 20-30% as standard with "a bag of mail. Through the implementation of the phase data, the main observation conversion, customer price, monthly turnover of several key data changes.

(for example: feedback through the test data, not when the average monthly customer mail price of 80 yuan, then the postal policy should be between 96-104, perhaps $99 package may be relatively appropriate interval)

use the combination of post marketing strategy to provide shop performance

single product shipping strategy is in line with the train promotion, enhance the conversion rate to create a general operating practices explosion models, single goods shipping strategy is generally applicable to the new shop small sellers, obviously enhance the effect of store users; when the store brand awareness to further enhance the development of the ranks of big sellers at this stage, the new passenger.

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