saw a lot of people are saying that site can not find the problem of the home page, I also put my station from normal to find the home page, and then come back to share the experience, we hope to study together.

I set up the time last December, when nothing understood, applied for domain name, in the Internet to find a classified information procedures, the site on-line. And so on, probably less than a month, the site was included. At that time my website called Weifang information network, but later found the link when Weifang information network has said how others disaster caused by flooding water, Weifang is the information network to exchange links? I will go to the Baidu search, and the information of Weifang it is too much, big and small, old and new. So I decided to change the title of the web site in this condition, and combined with my domain name, I decided to change to Weifang network. In this way, I changed the title of the website, not a few days, I found slowly website keywords ranking down, and then can not find, but at this time, site is still home. read more

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early this year, eLong and Ctrip both sides carried out a series of low-priced marketing competition and war of words is full of controversy. The industry also believes that the two giants battle of words and price war is not a healthy way of competition. The traditional hotel booking distribution model, the hotel needs to Ctrip such network intermediaries pay a certain amount of commission. This means that seemingly low prices behind, in fact, consumers need to dig out a certain amount of "intermediary fees."". The relevant data shows the current time through Ctrip booking Commission is usually successful room price of 15% to 20%, indicating that the price of the hotel there is a big decline in space, but in order to better sell their rooms, and had to pay a commission to the distributors. read more

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is really a webmaster do stand really hard, I was in the IT, the Internet understanding also said in the past, but on the network this thing, always feel mysterious and I love it the myriads of changes, slowly, every day to deal with it.

I work in the day

foreign trade company, is responsible for the network on the one hand, work back to the dormitory or facing the computer, because it is an important part of my life, I love it, pay more attention to it, I think I can do what. So I chose the station yourself, is to do, can do what, for whom, for what are not mature, and at first I want to do that, do the station, still without any success, pay attention to every day people who share the experience of stationmaster net success I can only envy, thought his naive success, also give it some day unknown to the public owners to provide help and support, until one day, I put the first portal to my birth. To my friends and classmates with them on my website has opened your presence, they give me a lot advice and support to IP in a violent rise, that is how happy and a sense of achievement achievement. read more

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I’m not alarmist, many students in mind is a paste, apply for a service, but the operation is thinking of the subscription number that, for a subscription, but operational thinking is entirely a service number for that one, feel shy of these two kinds of circumstances, to the final outcome, is a dead end!! (you are special public operations novice, please take the time to read the following article. If you are already a master, just ignore it!)

WeChat public number is divided into: service number, subscription number, enterprise number, three categories. Service number and subscription number have very strong marketing value, so we study micro marketing mainly in time and effort in these two aspects. And enterprise number is to do enterprise internal staff information communication and communication, as well as upstream and downstream business information channel, belong to the internal management system and platform, basically I don’t speak this piece. read more

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, a few small questions first,

What’s the use of

1 and WeChat public

?What does

2 and public numbers do for me,


3, pick the subscription number or service number?

What’s the

1 WeChat public number?


WeChat public No. absolutely not because other companies have done it, so I’m going to do it. In my opinion, the WeChat public key has 6 main uses.

1 provides users with loyalty and mobility. Many bosses asked WeChat, "how much powder did WeChat add today? How many fans are there now? In fact, the amount of fans is not the focus, and the quality of the fans is the most important.". For businesses, truly loyal, active fans are valuable. read more

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C2C is undoubtedly the freest mode. But freedom has a price, and that is out of control. C2C e-commerce platform, such as Taobao will have fake problems, C2C information platform, such as micro-blog, there will be rumors. As consumers, enjoy cheap and rich goods, we must beware of fakes, enjoy the sharp and plump speech, we must beware of rumors. As a producer, can freely enter the market means to fight fake, can speak freely with the means to face the public and bloody street and call. Therefore, some people naturally want to sacrifice certain freedom, and obtain certain security and order. That’s the origin of B2B2C. read more

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The first step of

, to practice magic, we must first from the palace. Now hao123265114la has occupied half of the country, and each suit (style) the public! So you have to catch up from behind, the first step is to first practice itself, to create a unique style of his own. To allow Internet users to see your web site, there is a refreshing, completely reborn feeling. Also, another major factor sunflower invincible is fast! Fast! Fast! As long as the two – style fresh and quick access — I’m sure you visit a web site, there will be a large proportion of Internet users will be willing to your web site for home page. read more

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make a network for a long time, until some time ago to do a website, the ultimate goal is to make money, but not now, so don’t want to put too much effort, but also do not want too utilitarian pursuit of something, but they still try diligently do, hope that their ability to network under test.

my domain name registration for more than half a year, but the station (tourists love is in 2009 April, just go back to search under the release date, the earliest in April 15th, then spent about a week’s time to replace the template, and then starts from the end of April to update. At the beginning of the constant inquiries GOOGLE, Baidu included, and later found that urgent useless, simply do not check. As for the ALEXA ranking and PR value, know GOOGLE update is very slow, have not seen, until a few days ago someone told me the 3, I still can’t believe it, he told friends, do not believe, later confirmed, also admire me, ha ha. read more

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Internet has enough important position in people’s life, in addition to its inherent convenience, innovation speed is also a very important weight, because it can make you more fresh, it soon became synonymous with the internet. In today’s Internet in the new term is a product may emerge in an endless stream, and also may be a business model, in a lot of new things into the center of the stage, and then gradually withdraw from the central, there are new things coming in again and again, just on the Internet this change seems to be more faster. read more

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recently Taobao shop baptism makes a lot of individual shop are facing off, some Taobao stores choose to close the shop, some choose to establish their own independent shop, to build their own network brand website. If you want to make a fortune from the network, the establishment of an independent network of its own brand is a must, but the mall site is different from traditional enterprise website, website construction to the mall not only site traffic, an important transformation of website traffic rate, will be the most important entry site traffic into the largest proportion. The traffic conversion rate is directly related to the users of the mall website. How to improve the conversion rate of the website from the users of the mall is the primary problem that we need to solve. read more

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