first_img Mint-Condition Set of Pokemon Cards Sold For $107KNew Trailer ‘Pokemon Sword and Shield’ Reveals Team Yell Punks Stay on target Pokemon Sun and Moon, excellent Pokemon journeys that they are, have just landed on the Nintendo 3DS. While you’re enjoying your trip through Alola, keep one thing in mind: You might be seeing it on a home console very soon.Of course, when I say “home console,” I’m obviously talking about the Nintendo Switch, the latest release coming from Nintendo in March 2017. It’s already got the gaming community talking up a storm, and there are rumors flying around by way of Eurogamer that the Switch could receive a new version of Pokemon Sun and Moon in 2017 called Pokemon Stars.The new version could feature updated HD visuals and additional Pokemon to collect and trade as well. Sources divulged to Eurogamer that Pokemon Sun and Moon developer Game Freak has been working on the game already alongside the newest Pokemon adventures. Instead of finishing it up for release already, work was put on hold to focus on today’s launch for both versions of the game.Pokemon Stars will feature the same features and maps as the previous games, but it will also include several bonuses that fans should thrill to see in the same package. Pokemon Sun and Moon are already excellent games worth picking up in their own right, so it’ll absolutely be worth checking out on a home console for the very first time.If you’re looking into purchasing Pokemon Sun or Moon, make sure you take note of all of the new mechanics you can expect to see out of them. This time around there’s a whole new set of islands with an entirely new set of challenges to go with it. Along with a devastating set of new moves and Alolan Pokemon with new looks, there’s a lot of cool stuff in the games that diehard fans will want to uncover.But in the meantime just think about how great a Switch version of the game will be. Now try and get through the next few months.last_img read more

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