first_imgGreg Jayne, Opinion page editor So many issues, so little time.With the election two days away, it feels as though this crucial, pivotal, epic journey to the ballot box (at least nobody has referred to it as “the most important election of my lifetime” — yet) has snuck up on us.Well, maybe not for you. Odds are that you are weary of the TV ads and tired of the newspaper articles and suffering from eye strain after reading every word of the Voters’ Pamphlet. It’s understandable if you turned in your ballot and stopped paying attention two weeks ago.But for those of us who make a living discussing and pondering this stuff, it seems as though there’s never enough time to cover all the angles or share all the relevant opinions regarding the election.Consider, for example, the headline that appeared in The Columbian a couple days ago: “Class-size measure looks poised to pass.” This was in reference to statewide Initiative 1351, which would reduce class sizes for K-12 public schools in the state.Now, I’m typically one who tries to consider both sides of an issue; it’s beneficial in formulating cogent arguments for the newspaper’s editorials. But in reading that headline, I couldn’t help but think it should say, “Washington voters poised to hit themselves in the head with a hatchet.”last_img read more

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