first_imgDear Editor,Public figures, especially politicians, are always in the public eye. The manner in which they conduct themselves is used as a tool to measure the level of respect and concern they have for the citizenry. Therefore, they are always expected to conduct themselves with decorum and a high level of professionalism, both locally and internationally.It was therefore with a high level of dismay and shock that I viewed the video clip of Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan publicly denigrating a media operative during the course of the past week.The minister’s public (and seemingly uncaring) display of arrogance in its most powerful form is reflective of his attitude towards the nation as a whole.His angry outburst that he could “use expletives if he wants” and his uncouth chastisement of Mr Dennis Chabrol are indicative of the low level of respect he has for the media, and indeed the nation as a whole. He seemed not to care that cameras were focused on him, recording every word spoken and every gesture made.This incident is a great embarrassment to the Granger Administration, moreso since it involves one of its most senior Government functionaries – a Vice President and Public Security Minister at that.This is just one in a continuous string of events in which Government officials have displayed their pride, arrogance and absolute power over the citizenry. It is an alarming trend, and no apologies have been made to the victims, despite many calls by NGOs and other public interest figures for such.Government officials seem to think that Guyana belongs to them personally; the people are to be treated as they see fit and the country’s vast resources are at the disposal of their personal interests. Self-indulgence and the propensity to wantonly spend sums of money on meaningless projects with no long term gains have become the norm. The right of citizens to be consulted on matters pertaining to their welfare has been tossed by the wayside, and arrogance, greed and corruption have become institutions in our beloved land.The citizenry voted for the good life – a promise fervently made by the current administration during its election campaign — one that was embellished with many fanciful illusions of grandeur for all.The ‘road to the good life’ seems to be still under construction three years later.I, like many Guyanese, do not believe it will ever see the light of day.SincerelyVanita Mahadeolast_img read more

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