first_imgGlendale The raspberry The Daily News should print the following disclaimer as a lead-in to the Steve Young pieces: “The views of Steve Young do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher. In addition, it is acknowledged that the majority of his material is not very funny.” – Robert Sprott Valencia When you lose Re “Iran to fill power vacuum in Iraq” (Aug. 28): It sounds like anathema: Let Iran rule the Middle East. But that is what the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is suggesting as a solution to the disastrous (and misguided) U.S. intervention in the Middle East (Iraq). The problem is that the U.S. or any combination of U.S. allies cannot rule the Middle East. So what is wrong with the logical solution? Let Iran deal with all the issues and problems of Middle East (Iraq.) The chances are that the oil would continue to flow under the Iranian control of the region. The U.S. has failed in its mission in Iraq; let us admit it. Some of the consequences will not be pretty; however, nothing is pretty when you lose a war. Ask the Japanese and the Germans. – Dro Amirian Studio City L.A. city freebies Re “Thank you, L.A.” (Your Opinions, Aug. 26): Now that The Department of Water and Power is giving away refrigerators – along with the old toilet program (and anything else done with the ratepayers’ money), Richard Alarcon wants to give taxpayer money to the poor, ignorant homebuyers who want something they can’t afford. Just where and when is this nonsense to end? If I go out and buy a new Rolls-Royce auto that I always wanted but can’t afford, does that mean I can expect Alarcon to get the money from some city or state coffers to pay it off for me? If this is so, how soon can I pick up my new Rolls, and how and where do I send Alarcon the bill? – Ron Roth Northridge Let the girls play Being a great fan of soccer (I even watch the Mexican channels, even though I don’t understand what they are saying), I can’t help but wonder why the Galaxy can’t get its great players to be team players. I do have a solution though: Hire the girls from the U.S. team. Julie Foudy, Kristine Lilly or any of them would be a help; it’s a shame that they don’t get as much attention for winning all those games for the U.S. as David Beckham gets for just not being able to play. – Helen Kerylow Granada Hills Film critic O’Reilly Re “Critics today don’t have a clue” (Viewpoint, Aug. 26): Just because a few film critics had the temerity to question the quality of the “High School Musical” films, Bill O’Reilly argues that most film reviewers are somehow out of touch with American values and don’t know how to appreciate clean-cut escapism when they see it. How, then, does he account for the generally ecstatic reviews given to “Hairspray” and “Ratatouille,” two of the most commercially successful feel-good movies of this past summer? Or “Finding Nemo” or “Toy Story” or “E.T.” for that matter? Indeed, I could go on and on pointing out family-friendly films that have been well-received by critics, but what would be the point? I also challenge his notion that “torture porn” movies such as the “Saw” and “Hostel” films have received positive notices from a majority of critics. – Roland E. Zwick Valencia160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! La Crescenta Seizure Re “City will stop seizing autos of unlicensed” (Aug. 29): The police have been impounding the cars of illegals (who are breaking federal law) who are unlicensed (breaking state law,) and we may be violating their nonexistent constitutional rights? Let’s hear it for the trial attorneys and the ACLU! – Gary Hannah Re “Princess not worthy of cultlike devotion” (Viewpoint, Aug. 26): Dick Meister needs to get over the fact that the legacy of Diana has been established and will remain. Our cosmopolitan neighbors apparently have not learned: “Don’t try to ride a dead horse.” This truth is elementary in the West. Trying to use the princess today as a vehicle to success won’t get Meister out of the barn. A comforting note for Meister: The fall of mankind occurred long before Diana, and she is completely innocent of any guilt regarding mankind’s miserable human traits. Somebody tell Meister to stop throwing stones at the hearse. He would be better-served working on his own legacy, and let the dead rest in peace. – Carolyn Grissom last_img read more

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