first_imgWe are fortunate in India to have many rivers. Rivers are the best source of sweet water which is the essence of our life. The water is not only sweet but also carry innumerable minerals.We worship Rivers!!However, we, unfortunately, started dumping polluted water from cities, town and villages. Further wastewater, chemical, waste liquid and other polluted water/materials sent to the rivers. This is done just to avoid little extra efforts.The net result has been that many places river water is not even drinkable and also some places it cannot be even used for irrigation.Such a situation led us to realise to keep the river water clean. Govt has taken many actions for the last many years and also spent huge money. The result has not been so encouraging.Due to Covid-19 the country is going through a lockdown situation. We have all notices many positive aspects of lockdown such as reduction of pollution levels be it air, water, noise etc.Due to lockdown, the quantities of wastewater going to rivers is reduced and we found the quality of water has improved considerably. We may hope we can see the purest water in a short time.How can we get sweet mineral water from rivers?The solution is just simpleA. No wastewater of cities, towns and villages should be allowed to go to riversB. No wastewater, chemicals or any other waste is allowed to go to riversC. Nothing should be thrown to rivers.D. Any act of above must be heavily punishableHow do we handle waste?·      First we need WILL and some efforts·      We need to implement immediately waste management facilities by administration and Industries.·      There are many ways and means to handle any kind of waste.· In fact, waste management itself gives many-many business opportunities along with pollution control.This is the golden time to take corrective actions ASAP so that people of India are able to reap the benefits of natural sweet with mineral water and remain healthy.Suggest citizens must also be conscious and alert to ensure nothing is thrown in the rivers.With a hope that we shall get natural water (untouched from foreign materials of any kind except rainwater) from our rivers very soon.Stay safe and healthy.With best wisheslast_img read more

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