first_imgProsecutors should consider the maturity of a young adult as part of their public-interest test for prosecution, a report by lobbying coalition the Transition to Adulthood Alliance has suggested. The report, published this week, says that police and the Crown Prosecution Service should consider the ‘lack of maturity’ of a young adult offender before deciding whether to arrest, charge or prosecute them. It suggests that extending the criteria already used as a mitigating factor in sentencing could result in better-informed charging decisions for offences committed by young adults. The recommendation is one of 10 made by the alliance to improve the way the criminal justice process deals with people aged 16 to 24. It says that the police should use more conditional cautions, where appropriate, to ensure that unnecessary criminal records do not prevent young people from turning their lives around. Other recommendations include: offering restorative justice at all stages of the justice system; greater use of community sentences; and helping offenders improve their situation through, for example, a national employment initiative. The report says that young adults make up less than 10% of the British population, but account for almost one-third of those sentenced to prison every year. Three out of four young adults leaving prison are reconvicted of a crime within two years. Read the full report.last_img read more

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first_imgMini-Circuits and X-Microwave have collaborated to offer a wide selection of Mini-Circuits’ components in the X-MWblock drop-in format. X-Microwave has developed the X-MWsystem, the first truly modular, solderless evaluation system with a growing portfolio of physically compatible drop-in building blocks for prototyping microwave assemblies.The partnership launched with an initial offering of over 400 X-MWblocks for Mini-Circuits components, including their popular LTCC filters, patented MMIC reflectionless filters, attenuators, mixers, multipliers, limiters, couplers, splitters and high-performance MMIC amplifiers, with more models planned for future release. System blocks come fully characterized and modeled with X-parameters and S-Parameters, enabling easy simulation through X-Microwave’s free, online, non-linear simulation tool based on Keysight’s Genesys Spectrasys engine. After simulation, designers can quickly configure signal chains using an online Mechanical Layout Tool (MLT) by moving 2-D models of the components around on the grid. The X-MWblocks for Mini-Circuits components are then physically configured on a solderless prototyping plate to build integrated microwave assemblies for testing and design validation. The same drop-in components can then be moved into compatible production housings. This novel, modular approach eliminates the need for custom evaluation board layouts, dramatically shortening design cycles and accelerating time to market.Look for the X-Microwave link on selected Mini-Circuits product dashboard pages to view the corresponding X-Microwave dashboard. Mini-Circuits will also maintain an online directory of their part numbers referenced to equivalent X-Microwave part numbers to make it easy for customers to identify.last_img read more

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