first_imgEveryone is different, everyone is someone, blah, blah, don’t change yourselves, you are the best, and infinite pep talk, why does it even matter?When we talk about being ourselves, the first thought would be, myself, for me of course, and it should be, but who are we, no, not some soul with purpose, or things like, and no, not a body of atoms made to waste the resources, both are incorrect (don’t think about that ‘Your are what you eat’, that isn’t correct either) We are humans with a cause, we are made like some individual is made in this common world, and we are not fingerprints, for we all can’t be different, yes, that’s the truth.Being yourself is being some individual which exists or existed, might exist if we survive, but let’s hope for better thoughts. We are all humans, we share faces with some six people on this planet, we might’ve the same type of body type, even the type of blood and DNA with someone, not totally, but we do, and its truth, it is all the same and different type at the same time, if you look at that, someone did too, and thought of that thought, or smelled that person, who smelled just akin another, we are not different, we are all the same, with different thoughts, with a different pattern, that all, nothing is totally unfamiliar, and if it existed, the society might term it mad, but we can’t argue that for it is mad, mad world, and we are all the same.It isn’t as we can’t be freed, we can be, but not wholly, for at some point, we are all the same, and different at the same time. I agree psychology is different, it was meant to be, and we might share a little of it, with, well, many.Humans were never made to be wholly different, they needed to explore themselves, and find that they are living in a similar world, that unites us, and it is us, something which we have explored in a different person, but not in us, that we hate, remember to love, for it rests inside you too. The demon in that witch burned at the stake resides in your holy head too, wait till they break their vows, and see it emerge, lethal, and power full.last_img read more

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