first_imgDear Editor,Like IK Cush, I stand behind what is said, but unlike IK Cush, it will be something worth standing up for. Even though he did not mention race, he is referring to it, but IK Cush does not represent the views of young or progressive Guyanese, instead he represents the “Racist Anti-Racist” who, like the Ruel Johnsons of the world, believes that everyone else is to be blamed for black peoples suffering, other than black people themselves.The only race that has been deliberately oppressed and who have not been able to represent their interest at the highest level of Guyanese politics are our Amerindian brothers and sisters. And to be fair, it is only under the PPP that we saw tangible representation of this group. Amerindians suffered under the PNC, because they were deemed inferior to the then “black superiority”, like the IK Cush of “those PNC days”.My black brothers ruled this country for 28 years, the same years Cush is referring to as “those days”, where everyone put their shoulders to the wheel to pave their own destinies. But he conveniently forgot that during that time, the people were deprived of democratic representation, something that he dislikes even now, because he is not mentally capable of existing in a truly democratic society with freedom of speech.During this “great period” Cush is referring to, ‘white mouth’ was a staple in people’s vocabulary and hunger was recognised along with rationed food lines, while living in fear of speaking out. In those days, Walter Rodney was assassinated by the PNC for being a viable threat to a PNC-led dictatorship. Guyana could not pay its foreign debt and owed more than it could produce.If I am dared to ask IK Cush some purely insensitive and pragmatic questions; where is the foundation from “those days” that should have been laid for the people today, so that we would not be in a state of economic vulnerability? Why did the PNC not protect the black community by empowering us to protect our economic future? Why after 28 years of controlling all the resources of Guyana, the people were not left in a position to withstand the shock of economic levelling during the PPP years? And I am not saying the PPP years were perfect, but it was progressive.Every other race or cultural group in Guyana had withstood the pressure of those 28 years and built themselves so that they would not be oppressed, while the black leaders under the PNC lived lavishly by exploiting their own people and everyone else. Now you and others stand again with power in your hands and are doing the same things you did under the PNC. Overtaxing the people, taxing education, overpriced parking meters, depriving market vendors of their income, and I can go on and on.The future of Guyana will not be like those 28 years, it will not allow greedy and hateful people to deprive our freedom to express ourselves and we will protect our rights this time.The future politicians will work together, even if we do not agree or are on the same side. We will not take part in gang politics, race politics and disastrous group thinking. The future politicians will look for common grounds that drive Guyana forward and not divide us and this starts with protest like the Movement against parking meters. It must be OK to disagree without making enemies out of it.Guyana is currently under too much economic strain to have parking meters in its capital and everyone agrees with that fact. We agree because even the average Guyanese owns a car, even if they can just get by with it and that is why the parking meters is the straw that’s breaking the peoples back.So as IK Cush stands there with his backward and toxic mouth, you must remember that it is not “those days” that made it possible for the average Guyanese to own cars today.Those who ‘voted like a boss’ will now feel what it’s like to live in those days IK Cush is referring to. I will continue to play my role in showing what voting like a boss should be like in a future Guyana we will all love and live for.Sometimes we forget that there is enough resources in Guyana for all to live well, only if we can manage it properly.Sincerely,Malcolm WatkinsCertified SupplyChain Professional(CSCP), Dip SCMè(ITC)last_img read more

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