first_img Does it feel like twice the work? It really doesn’t. When we started this, I had no history with Beckett or Pinter—I’d never read any of them. That served me well, because people I talk to say, “Oh, Waiting for Godot, I remember reading that in college, I had no idea what was going on.” But I had no preconceived notion. And what’s great about these two plays is half of what you’re given is stuff that happens between the lines, in the pauses and non-verbal moments. Tell me about the Shuler Hensley Awards in Georgia—how cool is that to have an award named after you? Six years ago, the guys who created the awards said, “We want to start a Georgia version of the Gene Kelly Awards in Pennsylvania and the Tommy Tune Awards in Texas.” I agreed to help in any way I could. That’s when they said, “We’d like to call it the Shuler Awards.” But I wasn’t thinking, “Finally, I have an award named after me!” To me, it’s kind of crazy, but if it helps, it’s fine with me. I remember so vividly the magic of high school theater. That’s when I got hooked. To come back and see kids having these moments, it completely reenergizes you as a performer. Related Shows Are you more at home belting out an 11:00 number or doing a drama? Over the years, I’ve learned that singing is just an extension of acting, and well-crafted musicals understand that. It can become a really magical experience. To have an orchestra and all the people working together to create these scenes and these moments—there’s nothing like it. That’s why you have Hugh Jackman and these guys who have had a taste of musical theater coming back to it. There’s just no substitute. Shuler Hensley really knows how to stick out in a crowd—he stands six feet, three inches tall, and his booming voice and hearty laugh overpower a room. But despite being an amiable guy in real life, these larger-than-life attributes often get him cast as the bad guy: a Tony-winning turn as Jud Fry in Oklahoma! and Javert in Les Miserables on Broadway, and Jigger Craigin in the New York Philharmonic’s Carousel concert, just to name three. In No Man’s Land and Waiting For Godot, playing in repertory at the Cort Theatre, Hensley takes on two very different types of bad guys—in Godot, a pompous fat-cat, and in No Man’s Land, a mysterious bodyguard. Below, Hensley chats about getting a “shot of stage” with Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart, his acclaimed performance as an obese tutor in The Whale, being the namesake of the Shuler Hensley Awards and more. Shuler Hensley How did you manage to make Godot’s wealthy, egomaniac Pozzo such a funny (and even sometimes sympathetic) character? From day one, Sean was very specific about us wanting to experiment with accents, because there is no setting for this play. It’s just an abandoned road in the middle of nowhere. So you have the freedom to explore and use your characters in a way that’s very personal. I was born and raised in Georgia, and having this giant circus type character with a Southern accent really struck me. Beckett flows nicely with a Southern accent. It allowed me to connect with this character deeper than trying to mimic some other production of it. See Shuler Hensley in Waiting For Godot and No Man’s Land at the Cort Theatre. You’re immersed in Waiting for Godot and No Man’s Land—what is it like to alternate between the two plays? It’s challenging. At first, I was like, how is this gonna work? It starts with having trust in your fellow actors; they help immerse you in the play at hand. Like a song, once you get into that rhythm, everything starts coming back. It’s overwhelming to think about logically: “I’m gonna do these two giant pieces of theater in one day,” but it’s also wonderful. Ian calls it “the shot of stage,” when you get a B-12 shot or something—you feel overwhelmed until you get in front of the footlights, and then it’s quite exciting. Care to weigh in on the GOD-oh versus God-OH debate? I try my hardest to say GOD-oh, because that’s what they want. I find it fascinating, because it’s a typical example of what the play is about. What is the answer? What is the meaning? What’s the pronunciation? What’s going on? Just the fact that the title of the show is debatable makes me giggle. But I will say GOD-oh until the Brits leave and then if I do another production with Americans and they want God-OH, I’ll do God-OH. Guh-Dot, whatever you want. God-O.T. Go-daht! Are the Sirs as silly in real life as they are on Twitter? Oh yes, that’s exactly the way they come across in real life. Most of the comments I’ve had at the stage door are that they’re overwhelmed by Godot because they never realized how funny it was. Ian and Pat have such a humanity. They’ve worked together for 40 years; they’ve grown up together in this business. There’s a real love between them and you can feel it!center_img You had one of the most acclaimed performances of 2012 in The Whale. Looking back on it, what was that experience like? I love characters who are outsiders, and initially my agent said, “They want you to do a reading of this play, and it’s a guy who’s a 650-pound morbidly obese gay online tutor,” and I said, “I am doing it.” [Laughs.] As a character actor, you can’t ask for a more challenging, juicy role. We’re excited to see you in The Most Happy Fella at Encores! this spring. Is this a role you’ve always wanted to play? It is! My first summer job at a music festival up in Bay View, Michigan, was The Most Happy Fella—I played one of the chefs. It’s a beautifully written show, but it’s dealing with some pretty heavy issues for 1956. It’s a wonderful classic musical, just one hit after another, and a lot of times you don’t get the chance to hear the lushness of the music with the full orchestra. When you were in Oklahoma! with Hugh Jackman in London, did you have any idea he would go on to be one of the world’s biggest stars? The first time I saw him, he came into the rehearsal studio with no shoes on. I was like, who is this guy? He’s been a friend of mine since that first day, and he’s still the same guy. I went with him for his first audition for X-Men, for moral support. Talk about the randomness of becoming a star: He didn’t get the role! The guy who was originally supposed to do Wolverine was doing Mission Impossible II in Australia and they had a monsoon or something that delayed filming. Then they came back to Hugh. So, you just never know. View Comments Show Closed This production ended its run on March 30, 2014 No Man’s Land What was it like to rehearse with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen? When you’re dealing with Sir Ian and Sir Pat, and you’re like, “Oh my god…” But once you get to know them, you see that what makes them so great is the fact that their energy and enthusiasm for theater has never waned. It’s like it’s the first play they’ve ever done! Star Files You play a more mysterious bad guy in No Man’s Land—are people at the stage door surprised to see how jovial you really are? Yes, they always are—I think it’s my size and my voice. I find it interesting to play characters that are preconceived as the villain and try to find parts of them that everyone can relate to. There’s nothing more unsettling than to come to the theater and say, “Oh god, here comes this big bad guy,” and then come out thinking, “I feel for him.” You realize that those people are in all of us.last_img read more

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first_img Name and address supplied I write in response to previous articles regarding best value tendering, in particular Graeme Hydari’s letter (see [2009] Gazette, 16 July, 9). If you decide to publish this letter, I would appreciate it if you could hold back my name and firm details, as this is a personal view and not one necessarily shared by my firm. As a procurement professional working for a national law firm, I wholeheartedly support the idea of BVT and believe that it drives economically sound solutions to supply issues. While many lawyers may view the law as a discrete service, in reality they are simply supplying a customer with a service and therefore BVT is an appropriate tool to use. However, crucial to the success of BVT is the need for good procurement practice. Botched privatisations have undoubtedly been the fault of poor implementation of BVT, rather than of the principle itself. A good buyer would understand the market, understand the issues facing the sellers in that market and build a detailed and complete specification of the service required (which takes into account unknown factors/variables). In addition, the buyer will also take a long-term view and not be blinded by short-term cash incentives. Best value means just that – best value – not necessarily cheapest! Understandably, however, there has been some scepticism as no one has been in a position to assess the strength of the Legal Services Commission’s procurement team. Perhaps the best thing the LSC can do to reassure firms in this market is to confirm that they have employed appropriately qualified and experienced procurement professionals, who will take into account all of the issues and take the time to do this properly. The sooner the legal profession as a whole embraces best value tendering instead of fighting against it, the easier it will be for all concerned.last_img read more

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first_imgFour out of five adults in England and Wales would be unable to pay for a lawyer were they accused of a crime, according to a survey of the likely impact of the government’s planned legal aid cuts.They would have to represent themselves or even remortgage their homes, it revealed.A Populus poll commissioned by the six bar circuits and Criminal Bar Association showed that, under the reforms, 80% of adults would be unable to afford the average £10,000 legal fees incurred for a three-day trial, and would be forced to represent themselves.Of the 2,036 adults who took part, 75% said that a person accused of a crime who cannot afford to pay their legal fees should be entitled to financial help.As the government, and justice secretary Chris Grayling (pictured), plan to introduce wide-ranging cuts to legal aid, including a £37,500 eligibility cap, 64% of respondents said there would be more miscarriages of justice and wrongful convictions as a result.More than half, 60%, said the cuts would hit those on middle incomes hardest.Asked if they would be comfortable being represented by G4S or Eddie Stobart, 16% and 20% respectively said they would be.Commenting, the leader of the North East Circuit, Alistair MacDonald QC, said the results show that many Britons will be faced with ‘financial ruin’ if they are put in a position were they have to defend themselves in a criminal court.He said the £37,500 household disposable income cap for legal aid eligibility will hit ‘hard-working families’ the hardest, many of whom could have to remortgage their homes.MacDonald said: ‘The losers will be law-abiding citizens on modest incomes who defend their homes against intruders, accidentally clip a cyclist in their cars, or who are simply among the many each year accused of crimes they haven’t committed.’If the proposals are implemented, those who qualify for legal aid will lose the ability to select their lawyer and will instead be allocated one by the state. MacDonald said this would render the ‘globally renowned’ British criminal justice system ‘unrecognisable’. Join our LinkedIn Legal Aid sub-grouplast_img read more

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first_img NBC Sports Shares × Bestseller × Report a problem This item is… $0.00 Bestseller (35539) Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Add Comments (Max 320 characters) Not relevant Inappropriate / Offensive Displayed poorly DEAL OF THE DAY Not relevant Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Special… Not relevant Add Comments (Max 320 characters) DEAL OF THE DAY × $14.99 Inappropriate / Offensive Bestseller $0.00 Inappropriate / Offensive ENDS IN Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Displayed poorly Add Comments (Max 320 characters) Share $26.86$49.99 Bestseller (1862) (124) Displayed poorly (22) Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. A Warrior’s Heart ENDS IN DEAL OF THE DAY (8187) Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Add Comments (Max 320 characters) Bestseller Not relevant Other × Report a problem This item is… Not relevant $0.00 Add Comments (Max 320 characters) Report a problem This item is… Add Comments (Max 320 characters) ENDS IN The League FOX Sports: Stream live NFL, College Footbal… Add Comments (Max 320 characters) Inappropriate / Offensive Other Ads by Amazon Shop Now DEAL OF THE DAY ENDS IN Displayed poorly Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Other × Bestseller LocalSportsJournal.comThe Oakridge softball team clinched its fourth straight West Michigan Conference title with a doubleheader sweep over Mason County Central on Tuesday.The Eagles won the opener 12-0, then blanked Mason County by a 10-0 margin in the nightcap.Kayla Fessenden was stellar on the mound in Game 1, striking out 16 batters and allowing just three hits.Halle Jennings and Hayden Rule each added two hits and two RBIs for the Eagles.Jasmine Pastor was the winning pitcher in Game 2, allowing four hits with 10 strikeouts.Macy Whipple, along with Brie Pastor and Fessenden, each tallied multiple hit games for the Eagles.Oakridge finished conference play at 14-0 and 25-3 overall on the season. Not relevant Other Inappropriate / Offensive DEAL OF THE DAY Report a problem This item is… Inappropriate / Offensive DEAL OF THE DAY ENDS IN × Report a problem This item is… (1009) Not relevant DEAL OF THE DAY Report a problem This item is… Other $3.99 ENDS IN $15.29$17.99 Dude Perfect Signature Bow Nerf Sports Bi… Inappropriate / Offensive Other Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Share ENDS IN Report a problem This item is… Other Mail 0 × Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Not relevant Bestseller Displayed poorly (1461) × Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Displayed poorly Fox Sports Go Report a problem This item is… Ads by Amazon $59.99 (33138) Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball … Displayed poorly Add Comments (Max 320 characters) Displayed poorly ENDS IN DEAL OF THE DAY Inappropriate / Offensive Bestseller Otherlast_img read more

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first_img0Shares0000A1000-Street-Captain-David-Ojwang lifting the trophy after winning the 38th Koth Biro final on 11th January, 2016 at Ziwani Grounds. PHOTO/Raymond MakhayaNAIROBI, January 10 – Mathare United forward Roy Syamba hit the target and provided two assists to inspire Kaloleni based A 1000 Street retain the annual Koth Biro tournament after thrashing Pumwani All Stars 3-0 in pulsating final played at Nairobi’s Ziwani Grounds on Sunday.In the third place play off, home team Opitos overcame Headquarters 2-0 to clinch third place and pocket Sh50, 000. A 1000 Street who featured six SportPesa Premier League players were favourites and they did not disappoint, scoring all three goals in the first half to receive Sh100, 000 cash prize whilst Pumwani got Sh75, 0000.“I knew we would win this. The difficult part came during the semi-finals and when we beat Opitos, I knew we would retain the trophy. I can’t wait for the next tou rnament,”A1000 Street coach Zablon “Pro” Otieno said after the match.Tusker FC midfielder, Brian Osumba opened the scoring in the 28th minute when he managed to slice through All Stars defense before unleashing a thunderous shot from outside the box.Matta then doubled the scores four minutes later after drawing out on rushing goalkeeper Ryan Hamisi and shooting into the empty net.Syamba, who had set-up Osumba and Mata completed the first half rout with a brilliant header past the poorly arranged All Stars’ defense three minutes to the interval.All Stars presented a more formidable game in the second half, with Nakumatt captain Peter Nzuki, Tyrone Otieno, and Saad Mohammed thrice testing Mathare United goalkeeper Peter Odhiambo with their dangerous shots but lady luck was not on their side.Nzuki found himself unmarked just outside the box in the 63rd but he wasted the chance to pull one back after seeing his right footed screamer miss the target by inches before Bernard Meki’s efforts for Pumwani being matched equally by those from A1000 Street’s second half substitute and Mathare United defender Robinson Kamura.Pumwani, coached by Mohammed Curtis were wasteful in the last 10 minutes with the holders containing their lead to successfully defend the title.Kenya Sports Journalists Association of Kenya in conjunction with sponsors SportPesa awarded the outstanding players in the month-long old tournament in the country that was celebrating its 38th year.Kelvin Kyalo from Headquarters FC was voted tournament’s Most Valuable Player to receive Sh20, 000 and a 43-inch smart TV from electronics firm LG whilst Wenyeji FC striker Salim Ochola received Sh15, 000 for finishing as the top scorer with seven goals.Morris Muiya, 16-year old from Umeme Bees was named the best goal keeper to walk home with Sh15, 000 and a pair of gloves with Harambee Stars and Norway’s Lillestromme custodian, Arnold Origi adding the youngster Sh10,000.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

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first_imgRICHARD BRUTON HAS said that former taoiseach John Bruton is entitled to his views and would not comment on whether his brother has been unhelpful to the government in recent weeks.John Bruton has made headlines in recent weeks for his comments that the 1916 Rising leaders “made a mistake” and regarding newly-unearthed remarks about bankers being unfairly blamed for austerity.“I wouldn’t propose to comment on what any former politician chooses to say,” the Jobs Minister told reporters in Dublin today.“We have a free country in which people make their views known and I certainly wouldn’t comment.”Bruton, who is John’s younger brother, said that while reckless banking had caused Ireland’s economic problems there had been other reasons for the collapse.These included an excessive reliance on a property sector, poor regulatory regimes, and a political culture that “sucked us along a road that led to some of the problems we’ve faced”, he said. Bruton added: “So I’m not going to comment on an individual former politicians – be they blood relatives or not.”Pressed on whether he agreed with John Bruton’s views about the actions of the Easter Rising leaders, Bruton maintained that he was not going to comment on the matter, insisting that “everyone is free to express their views on these issues”.He said the former Fine Gael leader has had “long-held views about some of these issues and he is entitled, as every other citizen is, to express their views”.“I am not going to be drawn into comment, even positively or adversely, on his comments,” he added.Read: 5 ways John Bruton has probably annoyed the government over the last few yearslast_img read more

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