first_imgIt’s highly worrisome to learn that the national capital of Delhi continues to be in the severe grip of Covid-19. What could explain its overall tally of over 36,000 coronavirus positive cases with the detection of as many as 2,137 corona infected cases along with 71 unfortunate deaths taking place during the last 24 hours? However, it was highly intriguing to gather that of the total 4,344 corona beds earmarked in five Delhi govt hospitals, nearly 3,000 beds are presently lying vacant as against near ‘full occupancy’ in their private counterparts.While no specific reasons may be assigned to such a low occupancy in these hospitals but the national TV news channels are sadly abuzz with some highly disturbing reports indicating very poor show concerning the initial admission of corona patients, the subsequent shoddy treatment being accorded to the patients admitted therein as also the non-timely removal of the corpses of the unfortunate deceased ones.The worst case for example could be the city’s LNJP Hospital if one truly believes the extremely disturbing videos that were shown by a few TV channels? For sure, such a shameful and deplorable situation could never have been imagined in Delhi. No wonders if the hon’ble SC has reportedly asked the Delhi government and the LNJP Hospital to explain the position?But the moot question obviously arises here: Why the situation was being allowed to reach such an unimaginable pass? Why there has been no ‘monitoring’ of the actual functioning of its own hospitals by the Delhi government even as lots of complaints have been pouring in from the affected patients and their relatives? While as per media reports, a team of the NHRC officials had also recently visited but its findings are yet to be put in the public domain.Reasonably speaking, Delhi’s health minister should himself urgently visit (of course, incognito) all the ‘trouble-spots’ so as to have the ‘first-hand information’ about their actual state of affairs at ground zero as the image of the Delhi government is also at stake now. However, one genuinely hopes that, with the ‘intervention’ of the apex court, things would soon improve in all poorly shaped govt hospitals in Delhi.Let us always keep in mind that each and every human life is equally precious and there is no room for any complacency at all. Last but not the least, our learned political masters should jointly fight the growing menace of coronavirus instead of finding faults with each other, endlessly playing the blame game as also publicly fighting among themselves, thereby leaving the general masses completely stunned. God save India!“Prevention is always better than cure”. Play safe, stay safe!last_img read more

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