first_imgNo person would consider watching a movie without prior knowing what the film is about today. Of course, the movie’s rating in the popular review and rating sites like IMDb and rotten tomatoes. In this article, I’ll try to explain how the rating and review sites influence how we watch movies and perceive how good the film is—of course, not considering the Netflix movies. In some unusual yet a typical case where it is the background score for us to browse through Instagram.First things first, to understand how the rating and review sites influence our movie watching experience, let us try to understand how we watch them. The order of things is identifying, in this case, could be referred by a friend, and the next step would be the information search. Which usually is a google search, which gives the results from IMDb and Rotten tomatoes. And next comes the processing of the information obtained from the search process, including reading the reviews. And then the judgment and decision phase wherein we process the information available to us and decide whether or not to watch it—all of it in the span of 2 to 5 minutes. And after all that, the only thing that sticks in our mind is the initial information we come across. In this case, our friend talks about the movie, which is the initial source. Then all the other information may either aid it or contradict it. Still, we rarely change our beliefs, in this case, opinion on the movie.A classic I wanted to share is about one of the most influential movies of all time. It has inspired many filmmakers to cross the boundaries that the time may put upon them. King Kong 1933, which, if watched now, might seem a bit silly due to its visual effects and the limitations that time has placed upon them. The rating & review sites recommend movies like King Kong to users, thereby serving as a primary source of information for them and informs beforehand of what to expect from this particular movie. One specific thing about human judgment is that we most primarily trust the initial information that they have crossed upon whatever the source might be. Only in a few cases do they tend to change their views upon the things, in this case, being movies. So while watching a film like King Kong, either a review site mentioning it as “One of the most influential films of all time” makes us watch it with a different mindset. And viewers don’t mind some apparent flaws.Moving on for about a few decades, let us consider The Shining 1980. upon release, the movie received mixed reviews by the critics at the time, added to Stephen king’s (author of ‘The Shining.’) dissatisfaction with the film, it was not a big commercial success. The critics’ primary concern was the slow pacing of the movie and a lot of other reasons. But over the years, considering the popularity that the film has garnered, it was subjected to a thing critics do when they are wrong, called the re-evaluation or reappraisal. And since then, ‘The Shining’ has become a staple in pop culture, inspiring filmmakers and creating a new genre.Let us consider the movies of the present time, in particular, the Netflix originals. The Netflix originals are made based on the data collected from millions of users worldwide based on their watching preferences; this might range from selecting a particular genre that people watch frequently or the inclusion of Asian and Latin American cast in their shows. And we are so used to this type of programming that subconsciously, whenever we hear about a Netflix original movie/series, we think of it as a no-brainer and let the movie run. At the same time, we do our work as a background score for whatever we are doing.So how exactly do they influence the way we watch movies? The answer might be both as simple as we want or make it as complex as we like. Keeping things simple, we might say that Netflix tried to make that reputation for itself. So even if the movies are passable, they make a pretty good attempt at it that people like watching those generic movies with an all-inclusive cast.Let us not consider the rating sites for a while and talk about the movie genres. While all the movies come with a genre tag attached to them, it might spoil the movie and increase others’ enthusiasm. When a movie tagged as a drama, and a particular twist comes up, we genuinely feel it and get thrilled. And if the same film, when labelled as a mystery or a thriller, we might see it with a different mindset and try to find clues throughout the movie.So, we might say that not only review sites, but also the tags for the movies change the way we see movies.last_img read more

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