first_img Farmington Voice Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window) Students in grades K-8 are invited to join the Mercy Varsity Pom team and coaches for Pom Clinic on Saturday, August 17. The clinic begins with registration at 9:30 a.m.; activities happen between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Everyone will learn a Pom routine and perform at the end of the event. Parents and fans are encouraged to watch and cheer at 2 p.m.Pre-registered participants receive a t-shirt and poms. Everyone should bring a water bottle, and wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes. All the fun happens in the Mercy High School gym, 29300 W. 11 Mile Rd. In Farmington Hills. Lunch will be provided.You can download a registration form at Reported bylast_img read more

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first_imgPanasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe is launching a new short-range, Bluetooth low energy and NFC combo module for implementing Bluetooth functionality into various electronic devices. The low cost PAN1761 Series enables robust Bluetooth low energy central and peripheral nodes to be built with very low total bill-of-material costs. The unique configuration of the device allows NFC to wake-up Bluetooth low energy from standby using a NFC field and automatically initiate a Bluetooth connection. Highly secure Bluetooth connections are created using NFC to exchange link keys (Out-of-Band pairing). Bluetooth low energy applications with extended battery life are possible as a result of zero power consumption in standby mode. A NFC enabled remote device may independently create a wake-up signal with neither host control nor local battery consumption.The module is available in a 15.6 x 8.7 x 1.8 mm surface mount package (same form factor as PAN1026 and PAN1760 Bluetooth modules) and has an integrated RF transceiver, programmable Bluetooth low energy EEPROM memory with 32kB on-chip RAM for host-less operation of application software and driver. Furthermore standard SIG Bluetooth low energy and “SPP over Bluetooth low energy” profiles, low-power sleep modes, short transition times between operating modes, and an operating temperature range from -40°C up to +85°C are included.By adding NFC technology to Bluetooth applications gives users a number of security and power related benefits in their application. Security features are enabled through the so-called man-in-the-middle scenario by NFC technology. A NFC enabled remote control device, e.g. smartphone/tablet, must be physically close to the other device which shall be connected to. On the other hand NFC as enabler for Bluetooth connection set-up leads to ease-of-use in applications. This enables new areas of application in the diagnostic and maintenance systems.”The low power consumption makes the new PAN1761 module the ideal choice for many applications like healthcare and medical diagnostic systems without any human control interface, Bluetooth low energy sensor applications with a need to send data on request, diagnostic and maintenance systems with a requirement for zero standby power consumption, embedded wireless, wearable devices, mobile phone accessories, as well as industrial sensors and measurement devices.An evaluation kit (PAN1761-EMK starter kit with NFC antenna) is currently available upon request.last_img read more

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first_imgLocation:East Central Ohio Location:Indiana > Miami 916 Share this post NBA Top 3 / Bottom 3 logos Current Secondary/Alternate Logos In contrast to the primaries, the NBA is laden of great secondary/alternate logos, which made it very hard to single out only three, so numerous really great logos were left out.Top 3Bottom 3 Share on other sites 1.2. 3. ===================28. 29. 30. NBA! NBA! NBA! Sign in to follow this   Share this post 0 Share this post 210 posts Posted September 7, 2013 Favourite Logos:Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Pittsburgh Penguins, Florida Panthers, Chicago Bulls, Minnesota Timberwolves, Detroit Tigers BrandMooreArt tigerslionspistonshabs Posted September 7, 2013 SportsLogos.Net 745 Location:The DMV 3,583 26,193 26,193 Favourite Logos:North Stars 3,583 Link to post This topic is now closed to further replies. Forums Home truepg 1,436 posts 26 Share on other sites Share on other sites Link to post Share this post 57,915 posts Recommended Posts dfwabel 4,155 dfwabel Members 26 628 28,545 posts Share on other sites Share this post 1 Members Posted September 7, 2013 Share on other sites Share on other sites Sign in to follow this   Link to post 916 1 the admiral The Six pHiL Kizer 37 916 3,760 Share this post Share this post Share this post Members DC in Da House w/o a Doubt Location:Hollywood, CA Top 3:Bottom 3: Link to post 3,583 Share on other sites Posted September 7, 2013 1,328 posts 26,193 Share on other sites 745 Posted September 7, 2013 1 Banned Share on other sites Memberscenter_img In the spirit of the “NBA Top 3 /Bottom 3 logos” thread posted by tigerslionspistonshabs, how do you all feel about the NBA’s secondary/alternate logos?Top 3: Beautiful design DC! Get rid of the wizard!I just love it. It could’ve been the primary logo to me.Same here, could be the primary logo IMO.Honorable Mention:One of the most effective secondary logos that doesn’t outshine the primary.Bottom 3:Why??Better to not have a secondary logo than to have this one.Come on Brooklyn! You are trying too hard to suck on purpose! tigerslionspistonshabs Why not just have a Top 3/Bottom 3 Logos EVER? That should limit the number of similar future threads.I’ll make my picks:1. This is should be the primary.2.Was gonna be an honorable mention, but I really like it. Again, should be the primary3. I feel like a broken record. Ditto the first twoHonorable mentions:(Oh, Copperplate… I personally like it, but its just overused. My high school uses it and Rockwell a lot)28. Clipart, perhaps?29. Missed a HUGE opportunity here with a sailboat or something.30. Looks like a paper hat you would get on your birthday from a cheesy Party place Graphic Designer Regarding ever “Top 3” thread and the copycats:Oh, it’s good clean fun. Sorry it doesn’t live up to the standards of “blah blah blah NCAA sanctions, if this AD doesn’t know toilet brands than how come did will if there were to have?” 3,760 Followers 0 truepg Link to post DC in Da House w/o a Doubt LAWeaver Link to post 1,585 By pHiL Kizer, September 7, 2013 in Sports Logo News Posted September 8, 2013 TOP 3BOTTOM 3 the admiral All Activity The Six Members Sports Go To Topic Listing TOP- In no particular order1.So simple and elegant.2. 3.Should be primary. Love how it harkens back to the inaugural logo.HONORABLE MENTIONSWORST1.Hate this thing with a passion. Say what you want about the ‘Horsepower’ era, but at least we had some character and an identity. Now our logos are bland. I’d like the Horsehead basketball back at least as a secondary.2. 3. A lot of nice secondaries. I left out Denver, Golden State with the state of California, Cleveland’s lancer/flag, Phoenix’s…phoenix. etc 4,155 Share this post Link to post Delux247 Members 1,585 Posted September 8, 2013 1 1 1,585 5,926 posts NBA Top 3 / Bottom 3 logos Current Secondary/Alternate Logos Forums Home Sports Logos Share this post 628 9,114 posts Link to post Sports Logo News 3,760 Link to post 1 5,904 posts Posted September 7, 2013 Delux247 Sports Logos 1 6,236 posts I apologize for any decorum Members 2 Location:Charlotte Posted September 7, 2013 37 The lurker formerly known as Mr.nascar13 4,155 BrandMooreArt 745 Members Sports Logo News Location:DETROIT 26 LAWeaver Top 3 Top 3/Bottom 3 threads1. Top 3/Bottom 3 MLB logos2. Top 3/Bottom 3 NBA logos3. Top 3/Bottom 3 NHL logosHonorable mention: Top 3/Bottom 3 NFL logos28. Top 3/Bottom 3 NBA secondary logos29. Top 3/Bottom 3 NCAA Division 1 logos30. Top 3/Bottom 3 NWL logos All Activity Link to post pHiL Kizer Share on other sites 628 37 Followers 0 Regarding ever “Top 3” thread and the copycats: SportsLogos.Net 3,375 posts Members Posted September 7, 2013 0 NBA Top 3 / Bottom 3 logos Current Secondary/Alternate Logoslast_img read more

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first_img Source: Reviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Sep 17 2018Salsa dancers are less likely to get injured while dancing than people taking part in Spanish, aerobic or Zumba dancing, according to new research.But they suffer a similar rate of injuries as ballroom dancers, the researchers at Coventry University found.The injuries they did receive were most often caused by being stepped on by another dancer.The research also suggested that women were twice as likely to be injured while salsa dancing than men.It’s the first study to look at the injury rates of amateur salsa dancers, and compare its finding to similar research into other popular genres of dance.The research team found that people were more likely to be injured while salsa dancing if they were women, older, and had a higher body mass index (BMI).Those with more salsa dance experience, according to the research, were less likely to be injured while salsa dancing.The study involved 450 amateur salsa dancers aged between 18 and 64 filling in a survey.It included questions about their salsa experience, how many salsa sessions they took part in a week, other physical activity they engaged in, their warm-up routine, as well asking for details about their injury history.None of the dancers were professional, but all had more than a year of salsa dancing experience.Other findings included:• The injury risk increased by 3% for every one year increase in age.• There was a 7% increase in injury risk for every 1 kg/m2 increase in BMI.• The odds of injury reduced by 7% for every year of salsa dance experience gained.Salsa was found to have an injury rate of 1.1 injuries for women and 0.5 injuries for men per 1,000 hours of dancing.Ballroom had a similar injury rate of 1.5 injuries for women and 0.5 injuries for men per 1,000 hours of dancing.Related StoriesAXT enhances cellular research product portfolio with solutions from StemBioSysBridging the Gaps to Advance Research in the Cannabis IndustryComplement system shown to remove dead cells in retinitis pigmentosa, contradicting previous researchThe salsa injury rate was lower than similar genres of dance, including Spanish (which had an injury rate of 1.5 injuries per 1,000 hours); aerobic (which had an injury rate of 2.9 injuries per 1,000 hours) and Zumba (which had an injury rate of 3.9 injuries per 1,000 hours).The research has been published in the journal of Physical Activity and Health.Dr Pablo A Domene, a research associate at the university’s Centre for Sport, Exercise and Life Sciences, who also teaches salsa dancing to staff and students, said:”Researchers have been investigating injuries in dance for many years to try to reduce the risk of people being hurt while performing – but until now no one has ever looked at salsa.””For us it seemed necessary to do this research using a large group of dancers, and from a variety of countries, to be able to provide comparisons in terms of injury rates, types and severity with other popular genres of dance.””It was interesting to see that salsa is about equal to ballroom, not more so, in terms of likelihood of getting injured if you participate in these dances.”He also had some advice for salsa dancers to help them avoid injury.”Avoiding dancing when the environment is clearly overcrowded, taking extra care not to collide with or step on other dancers, and avoiding wearing open-toed shoes are some practical recommendations for amateur salsa dancers that may reduce the chances of getting hurt.”Earlier this year, a team of researchers including Dr Domene carried out a study that suggested salsa dancing can boost brain function.The results were revealed on the BBC One show The Truth About Getting Fit, presented by Dr Michael Mosley.last_img read more

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