first_img Written by Morisseau, Sunset Baby tells the story of a former black revolutionary and political prisoner who decides to connect with his estranged daughter. He quickly discovers that fatherhood might be the most challenging revolution of all. Sunset Baby will begin performances November 6. Daphne Rubin-Vega Show Closed This production ended its run on Oct. 19, 2013 The Labyrinth Theater Company has announced its fall 2013 season, which will include Obie and Drama Desk Award winner Eric Bogosian performing 100 monologues from his one-man shows from the 1980s and ’90s, a new play by Dominique Morisseau (Detroit ’67) and a new series of “artist salons,” featuring performances and conversations with company members. This season is the first to be planned by the company’s new artistic director, Mimi O’Donnell. A Labyrinth spring production will be announced at a later date. Bogosian will read and perform selections from his new book, 100, which features monologues originally performed as part of his six off-Broadway solo shows. The selections will differ at each performance, and will include monologues from Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, Pounding Nails in the Floor with my Forehead, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee and more. 100 Monologues will run from October 1 through 20. Related Shows 100 (Monologues) View Comments The season will kick off with the “artist salons,” which will feature poet Craig “muMs” Grant (HBO’s Oz), Tony nominee Daphne Rubin-Vega and Emmy nominee David Bar Katz. Grant will perform September 9 through 10, Rubin-Vega on September 16 and 17 and Katz on September 23 through 24 at Labyrinth’s Bank Street Theater. Star Fileslast_img read more

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first_img View Comments It’s been six years since Jonathan Groff, Skylar Astin and Lea Michele appeared together in the Tony-winning musical Spring Awakening, so it’s a huge treat to see them reunite all the way across the country in San Francisco! Michele tweeted this adorable “weekend getaway” photo of her two talented pals on October 21—since Spring Awakening, Groff’s gotten gigs on TV’s Glee, Boss and the forthcoming HBO series Looking, while Astin became a Pitch Perfect sensation on the big screen before joining the new TV series Ground Floor. Of course, Michele is also walking the halls of Glee’s McKinley High, and during this emotional time, it’s so great to be surrounded by her best friends. Check out this Hot Shot of the Spring Awakening stars, back together at last! Lea Michele Star Files Jonathan Grofflast_img read more

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first_img Does it feel like twice the work? It really doesn’t. When we started this, I had no history with Beckett or Pinter—I’d never read any of them. That served me well, because people I talk to say, “Oh, Waiting for Godot, I remember reading that in college, I had no idea what was going on.” But I had no preconceived notion. And what’s great about these two plays is half of what you’re given is stuff that happens between the lines, in the pauses and non-verbal moments. Tell me about the Shuler Hensley Awards in Georgia—how cool is that to have an award named after you? Six years ago, the guys who created the awards said, “We want to start a Georgia version of the Gene Kelly Awards in Pennsylvania and the Tommy Tune Awards in Texas.” I agreed to help in any way I could. That’s when they said, “We’d like to call it the Shuler Awards.” But I wasn’t thinking, “Finally, I have an award named after me!” To me, it’s kind of crazy, but if it helps, it’s fine with me. I remember so vividly the magic of high school theater. That’s when I got hooked. To come back and see kids having these moments, it completely reenergizes you as a performer. Related Shows Are you more at home belting out an 11:00 number or doing a drama? Over the years, I’ve learned that singing is just an extension of acting, and well-crafted musicals understand that. It can become a really magical experience. To have an orchestra and all the people working together to create these scenes and these moments—there’s nothing like it. That’s why you have Hugh Jackman and these guys who have had a taste of musical theater coming back to it. There’s just no substitute. Shuler Hensley really knows how to stick out in a crowd—he stands six feet, three inches tall, and his booming voice and hearty laugh overpower a room. But despite being an amiable guy in real life, these larger-than-life attributes often get him cast as the bad guy: a Tony-winning turn as Jud Fry in Oklahoma! and Javert in Les Miserables on Broadway, and Jigger Craigin in the New York Philharmonic’s Carousel concert, just to name three. In No Man’s Land and Waiting For Godot, playing in repertory at the Cort Theatre, Hensley takes on two very different types of bad guys—in Godot, a pompous fat-cat, and in No Man’s Land, a mysterious bodyguard. Below, Hensley chats about getting a “shot of stage” with Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart, his acclaimed performance as an obese tutor in The Whale, being the namesake of the Shuler Hensley Awards and more. Shuler Hensley How did you manage to make Godot’s wealthy, egomaniac Pozzo such a funny (and even sometimes sympathetic) character? From day one, Sean was very specific about us wanting to experiment with accents, because there is no setting for this play. It’s just an abandoned road in the middle of nowhere. So you have the freedom to explore and use your characters in a way that’s very personal. I was born and raised in Georgia, and having this giant circus type character with a Southern accent really struck me. Beckett flows nicely with a Southern accent. It allowed me to connect with this character deeper than trying to mimic some other production of it. See Shuler Hensley in Waiting For Godot and No Man’s Land at the Cort Theatre. You’re immersed in Waiting for Godot and No Man’s Land—what is it like to alternate between the two plays? It’s challenging. At first, I was like, how is this gonna work? It starts with having trust in your fellow actors; they help immerse you in the play at hand. Like a song, once you get into that rhythm, everything starts coming back. It’s overwhelming to think about logically: “I’m gonna do these two giant pieces of theater in one day,” but it’s also wonderful. Ian calls it “the shot of stage,” when you get a B-12 shot or something—you feel overwhelmed until you get in front of the footlights, and then it’s quite exciting. Care to weigh in on the GOD-oh versus God-OH debate? I try my hardest to say GOD-oh, because that’s what they want. I find it fascinating, because it’s a typical example of what the play is about. What is the answer? What is the meaning? What’s the pronunciation? What’s going on? Just the fact that the title of the show is debatable makes me giggle. But I will say GOD-oh until the Brits leave and then if I do another production with Americans and they want God-OH, I’ll do God-OH. Guh-Dot, whatever you want. God-O.T. Go-daht! Are the Sirs as silly in real life as they are on Twitter? Oh yes, that’s exactly the way they come across in real life. Most of the comments I’ve had at the stage door are that they’re overwhelmed by Godot because they never realized how funny it was. Ian and Pat have such a humanity. They’ve worked together for 40 years; they’ve grown up together in this business. There’s a real love between them and you can feel it!center_img You had one of the most acclaimed performances of 2012 in The Whale. Looking back on it, what was that experience like? I love characters who are outsiders, and initially my agent said, “They want you to do a reading of this play, and it’s a guy who’s a 650-pound morbidly obese gay online tutor,” and I said, “I am doing it.” [Laughs.] As a character actor, you can’t ask for a more challenging, juicy role. We’re excited to see you in The Most Happy Fella at Encores! this spring. Is this a role you’ve always wanted to play? It is! My first summer job at a music festival up in Bay View, Michigan, was The Most Happy Fella—I played one of the chefs. It’s a beautifully written show, but it’s dealing with some pretty heavy issues for 1956. It’s a wonderful classic musical, just one hit after another, and a lot of times you don’t get the chance to hear the lushness of the music with the full orchestra. When you were in Oklahoma! with Hugh Jackman in London, did you have any idea he would go on to be one of the world’s biggest stars? The first time I saw him, he came into the rehearsal studio with no shoes on. I was like, who is this guy? He’s been a friend of mine since that first day, and he’s still the same guy. I went with him for his first audition for X-Men, for moral support. Talk about the randomness of becoming a star: He didn’t get the role! The guy who was originally supposed to do Wolverine was doing Mission Impossible II in Australia and they had a monsoon or something that delayed filming. Then they came back to Hugh. So, you just never know. View Comments Show Closed This production ended its run on March 30, 2014 No Man’s Land What was it like to rehearse with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen? When you’re dealing with Sir Ian and Sir Pat, and you’re like, “Oh my god…” But once you get to know them, you see that what makes them so great is the fact that their energy and enthusiasm for theater has never waned. It’s like it’s the first play they’ve ever done! Star Files You play a more mysterious bad guy in No Man’s Land—are people at the stage door surprised to see how jovial you really are? Yes, they always are—I think it’s my size and my voice. I find it interesting to play characters that are preconceived as the villain and try to find parts of them that everyone can relate to. There’s nothing more unsettling than to come to the theater and say, “Oh god, here comes this big bad guy,” and then come out thinking, “I feel for him.” You realize that those people are in all of us.last_img read more

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first_imgThis group boasts the motto, “The World is our Classroom.” Its mission is to provide quality, hands-on aircraft, munitions and communications-electronics maintenance training to meet the evolving needs of its primary cus- tomer, the first-line supervisor. The group takes the classroom to the maintenance specialists at 46 worldwide locations, including Alaska, Europe and the Pacific Theater. More than 1,200 people are assigned to the group, its two training squadrons and one maintenance squadron. The group’s annual student production exceeds 30,000.982ND MAINTENANCE SQUADRONProvides top-quality trainer maintenance for the Air Force’s largest training wing and two satellite locations.Trainers maintained by civilians, military and contractors.Sixty-eight ground instructional training aircraft.More than 14,500 equipment items.Aircraft trainers: 1,100.Total value in excess of $1.9 billion.Annual budget of approximately $14 million.367TH TRAINING SUPPORT SQUADRONSupports Air Combat Command and Combat Air Force as well as Air Mobility Command and Mobility Air Force aircraft and munitions maintenance by:Creating world-class, interactive, multimedia instruction to improve aircraft and munitions maintenance training effectiveness.Providing reliable, unbiased fact-based performance analysis, identifying root causes of performance deficiencies and recommending possible solutions.Applying Instructional Systems Design with the latest e-learning technologies to alleviate specifically identified knowledge and skill gaps.Evaluating effectiveness, instructional integrity and sustaining technical accuracy of our training products.372ND TRAINING SQUADRONProvides formal advanced aircraft maintenance training for bomber, fighter, unmanned aircraft systems, jet engine and support equipment to eight MAJCOMs, ANG, sister services and allied forces.Awards aircraft maintenance skill levels.Trains more than 20,000 students annually in 311 courses at 27 detachments worldwide.373RD TRAINING SQUADRONProvides formal advanced aircraft maintenance training on airlift, tanker, special operations and special mission widebodied aircraft to eight MAJCOMs, ANG, sister services and allied forces.Awards aircraft maintenance skill levels.Trains more than 15,000 students annually in 320 courses at 19 detachments worldwide.last_img read more

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first_imgJBER-ELMENDORF FITNESS CENTERThe spacious 107,000-square-foot fitness center at 9510 22nd St. offers three full-length basketball courts, six racquetball courts and a weight room that includes weight machines, plate-loaded benches and dumbbell sets from 5 to 150 pounds. There are three specialized training areas with treadmills, cross-trainers, upright and recumbent bikes, and stepmills and steppers.An 1/8th-mile indoor running track with Olympic-quality running surface and banked corners was added with the renovation. The track has been certified for physical training testing. Aerobic conditioning can include classes in spinning, circuit training, kickboxing, water aerobics and step aerobics, yoga, fit ball core conditioning and Pilates. The men’s and women’s locker rooms have stadium lockers with lockable areas to secure valuables, and there are saunas in both locker rooms.The fitness center is also the point of contact for intramural, extramural and varsity sports. The center has a 25-yard, seven-lane swimming pool for lap swim times. Outdoor fitness facilities include a football and soccer field and two softball fields. Call 907-552-5353 for more information.Elmendorf Fitness Center hours are 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. holidays and family days. For the pool, lap swimming is scheduled 5:30 to 7:30 a.m., 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 to 9 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday; 5:30 to 9 a.m., 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. (limited lap), 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., 4 to 5 p.m. and 7:30 to 9 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday (limited lap); and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Sunday and holidays.JBER-RICHARDSON BUCKNER PHYSICAL FITNESS CENTERThe Buckner Physical Fitness Center, Bldg. 690 at Sixth and D streets, offers a six-lane, 25-yard, indoor swimming pool with a 3-meter platform, 1-meter diving board, water slide, hot tub and an aquatic center. The pool has open swimming, swim classes for adults and children including water aerobics, a master swim team, lap swim, and military training-related activities. It also has three basketball and volleyball courts, two racquetball courts, circuit-weight training areas, a free-weight area and cardiovascular exercise machines. Sauna and steam rooms are available in both men’s and women’s locker rooms, and certified personal trainers are available on a fee basis.The sports office’s complete intramural sports program for Soldiers includes events for men and women in the annual Commander’s Cup competition. The fitness center operates year-round and includes popular seasonal sports such as flag football, basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball, racquetball, swimming, broomball and more.For more information, call 907-384-1308 (front desk), 907-384-1304 or 907-384-1312 (sports office), or 907-384-1301 (pool office).The fitness center is open 5 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekends and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. holidays. Call 907-384-1302 for lap swim hours and 907-384-1309 for Aquatic Center Hours.EAGLEGLEN FITNESS PARKCross-country skiing enthusiasts will find about 11.5 miles of marked, groomed cross-country ski trails in the winter for the Fit to Fight Cross Country Ski Program. Skis are issued at the park clubhouse free 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. seven days a week, with the skis required to be turned in no later than 3 p.m. During the cross-country ski season, joggers, walkers and cyclists must stay off the marked and groomed ski trails. Trails are always open, making the park a ski-at-your-own-risk activity.During spring, summer and fall, walkers, runners or bikers can enjoy the marked 5K and 1.5K routes, and the park is adding picnic tables, Frisbee golf and other items. Pets must be leashed, and owners must clean up after them. The park closes at sunset.last_img read more

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first_img(609) 754-5023The McGuire Passenger Terminal is committed to providing the best possible service. Space Available seats are often limited, therefore, passenger planning and flexibility is key to Space Available travel from JB MDL. Amenities include, snack and drink vending machines, bathrooms and The Flight Kitchen from which meals can be purchased. Long-term parking is available for 60 days at a time at the parking center. Passes are required and can be obtained at the passenger terminal.last_img read more

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first_imgSo you have the cash in hand, and you’re planning on buying an set of aero wheels? Well, it may be a good time to give Reynolds a look, if you haven’t already. In a program that began May 1st, Reynolds is launching their 30-day AERO wheel guarantee. Buy a set of AERO wheels, and if you’re not impressed with them in less than 30 days time, simply take them back to the store you got them. In the fine print it says no cash refunds will be given, only store credit – but you were planning on buying wheels anyways so if you really don’t like them applying the money towards a different set of wheels would make sense.The 30-Day guarantee is available on the entire AERO line up, with the 58, 72, and 90 AERO wheelsets offered. The offer is only good until July 4, 2013 and while supplies last. According to Reynolds, “We are not expecting to have very many returned wheels,” even so, they have plans in the works so dealers aren’t saddled with a bunch of used wheels. Dealers will be able to purchase the wheels at a discount for demo use, or return them to Reynolds for a full refund.last_img read more

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first_imgGeorge Thorogood and the Destroyers. Bikes. Breadwinner. America. That pretty much sums up this sweet video showcasing the talents of Breadwinner Cycles, otherwise known as Tony Pereira and Ira Ryan. Hand built in Portland, OR, there are currently 6 models of custom TIG-welded steel bikes quipped with as many US made parts as possible, all delivered in 8 weeks or less.last_img

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first_imgCan’t say it better than this video’s title: amazing stunt riding… on a carbon road bike.UK trials legend Martyn Ashton takes a carbon road bike to the BikeRadar Festival. Completely breathtaking, awesome and, frankly, scary.Peeped at BikeRadar.last_img

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first_imgHoping to provide another way for customers to interact with their favorite shops, Specialized is partnering with Strava to develop what they call “Strava Shop pages.” Currently only offered to select Specialized retailers in the US, Canada, UK, and Austrailia, Shop Pages contain the shop’s identity plus allow the unique customers of that shop to compete amongst themselves on a personal leaderboard. This allows both the shop and the customers to see how is out riding the most, as well as climbing stats. Shops will also be able to create group events that are announced through the Strava program. Currently limited to select Specialized retailers, the pres release states that the service will be available to all bike retailers later in the year.last_img read more

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